The Current Band

In 2013, the band entered another phase of its history with a change of name to Greater Glasgow Police Scotland.

The pipe band consists of a mix of serving police officers and civilian members. This balance maintains the strong links to the band’s history, as well as allowing the best of civilian piping and drumming talent to realise their ambitions of playing in one of the world’s great bands.

The musical development of the pipe band has continued to flourish.  The list of first prizes for the Band is listed here.  Of course many other prizes have been won and the Band continue to figure in the top six pretty constantly over the decades.

First formed as Burgh of Govan Police Pipe Band in 1883,  The City of Glasow Police in 1912 and Strathclyde Police Pipe Band in 1975, the Band collected the following first prizes:
4 times Scottish Pipe Band Champions
12 times British Pipe Band Champions
10 times European Pipe Band Champions
11 times Cowal Highland Gathering Pipe Band Champions
13 times Champion of Champions
12 times winners of the RSPBA World Pipe Band Championships

Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe Band participates in a wide variety of events throughout the year, providing the opportunity to develop the strong bond that exists between Strathclyde Police and the local community. The pipe band is also in great demand to attend events worldwide and they prove to be excellent ambassadors for Police Scotland.

‘Greater Glasgow Police Pipe band announced in October 2015, a change in leadership with Pipe Major Duncan Nicholson swapping roles with Pipe Sergeant Iain MacPherson.
‘Duncan has led the band for five years, assisted by Iain, and their guidance of the band in partnership with leading drummer Eric Ward has brought significant success. Duncan’s production of the band’s highly acclaimed 2014 Pre-Worlds concert ‘Ceolry ’ was a milestone achievement and Iain will be able to draw on Duncan’s creative influence moving forward.
‘Iain MacPherson, originally from Benbecula, has been a mainstay of the band in recent seasons having enjoyed significant previous success with Strathclyde Police Pipe Band.
‘Band Manager, Inspector Niall West, commented: ‘Duncan has been an extremely committed and influential Pipe Major whose musical and personal attributes have been deservedly recognised not only across the wider pipe band scene and beyond, but also, significantly, by his peers in Grade One. Current circumstances create an opportunity for the band to take further steps forward through Iain’s leadership. His vast experience, eye for detail and personal drive will assist him greatly in this. Significant musical and technical developments are already ongoing involving Iain, Eric, Duncan and others and we are all looking forward to enhancing the band’s long standing reputation.’

Following a period of restructuring, the band is currently re-emerging as a major force in the Pipe Band world, with the emphasis on producing great music for the enjoyment of its followers and the members.

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