Membership Enquiries

Greater Glasgow Police Pipe Band welcomes membership enquiries. If you would like to make an enquiry with respect to joining the band, please contact

Individuals applying to become members of the band are expected to be of a very high standard commensurate with the general high standards existing at the top of the first grade of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association. The aim of the band is to entertain by playing music and this is only attained by taking on the musical direction of the Pipe Major and others. Only the committed need apply.

Pipers will be expected to produce excellent blowing and pressure control on the bagpipe which is consistent in delivering a perfect constant level of pitch and tonal quality. This essential is allied to hard work and regular attendance at practices to produce dexterity in execution which in turn will result in the ability to play in harmony with the other members in the band.

Unfortunately owing to the hard work required to produce excellent music members of the band cannot devote themselves to teaching or coaching others who have not reached the standards needed to win at the top level.

Similar guidelines apply to drummers in the band.

There is no discrimination regarding age or sex or indeed any other factor.